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Giving Thanks for Dental Implants: A Review of All They Do

November 17, 2023

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A family enjoying Thanksgiving after the dad’s dental implants were successful

As you gather around the Thanksgiving table this year and declare what you’re thankful for, why not add your dental implants to the list? The prosthetic may be small, but it makes a big difference in your quality of life! Not convinced? Continue reading to learn four ways that dental implants are working to change your life right now!

1. They Let You Eat a Wider Variety of Foods

When you lose a tooth, it can be hard to eat the same foods you once did. Bite misalignments, gum sensitivity, and lack of function can reduce diet variety. Even when you have your tooth replaced by a more traditional treatment like a dental bridge, it’s not as sturdy. Dental implants allow you to eat whatever you want.

So, while you’re chewing on turkey or crunching into a carrot, remember that your dental implant is making it possible!

2. Dental Implants Improve Oral Health

Dental implants don’t require any special maintenance like dentures or partials do. You simply need to take care of them the same way you would your natural teeth! This increased ease of care makes committing to oral hygiene a cinch. Who doesn’t like it easy when it comes to removing plaque and bacteria from their mouth?

3. They Prevent Bone Loss in Your Jaw

One of the defining features of dental implants is their ability to preserve bone density in your jaw. When you lose a tooth, the socket closes. Over the next six months and beyond, your jaw bone loses a bit of its strength where the tooth used to be. This can eventually lead to additional tooth loss or facial structure changes.

With dental implants, this doesn’t happen! The titanium post serves as an artificial root and stimulates the bone underneath, preventing loss.

4. Dental Implants Give You Confidence

Having a tooth missing is terrible for self-esteem. Many patients have said that they would constantly try to hide their gaps by not smiling or covering their mouths. When you replace the tooth with a dental implant, you’ll restore your smile and your confidence at the same time.

 Whether you’re talking with an old friend of smiling for a family picture, dental implants let you grin with gusto.

So, by now you should have some more understanding and appreciation for your dental implants. They are constantly performing their best for you, helping you to live the life you want. Whether it’s savoring your favorite meals, engaging in social interactions, or simply loving your smile, dental implants are a great boost to your quality of life.

About the Author

Dr. Dan Passidomo is a passionate and highly knowledgeable dentist with many years of experience. His favorite part of the job is meeting people and helping them get the smiles they desire; whether it’s with dental implants or other treatments. He received his dental doctorate from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry and has kept up with the latest dental technology through continuing education ever since. Call (937) 886-9935 to schedule a dental implant consultation at Daniel J. Passidomo, DMD Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, or visit the website to discover other services.

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