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Preventative Care

Preventative dentistry visits serve as the foundation for lifelong oral health. By simply visiting our office twice per year for general dentistry checkups and professional cleanings, you can help prevent potentially serious damage caused by decay and periodontal disease. Dr. Passidomo and our team will always take the time to sit down with you and discuss your unique oral health needs, giving you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your treatment options. Because our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with all of the latest advancements in dental technology, you can feel confident that you and your family are receiving the best preventative dental care available.

Preventative Dental Care in Centerville, OH

Dr. Passidomo’s primary goal is to ensure that each of his patients maintain beautiful, healthy smiles that last a lifetime. In order to achieve this, our practice offers an all-encompassing range of preventative dental services aimed at keeping your teeth and gums strong and protected against damage. During each general checkup, Dr. Passidomo conducts a thorough assessment of your entire mouth, evaluating the status of your oral health with digital x-rays, visual inspection, DIAGNOdent cavity detection technology, and more. Additional preventative treatments include dental sealants, fluoride treatments, periodontal hygiene, and deep cleanings to keep your teeth safe from decay.

A critical factor in preventative dentistry is patient education. We are your trusted source for information regarding all facets of oral health, and we welcome your questions and concerns at each visit. Dr. Passidomo will provide you with the tools and tips you need to maintain optimal dental health in between visits, as well as suggestions for how you can improve your smile with our extensive variety of cosmetic and restorative solutions.

After you have brushed your teeth for two minutes every evening before bed, don’t forget the dental floss! Proper flossing is a vital step for your clean, healthy, long-lasting smile. No matter how well you think you have brushed, there are some places you just can’t reach. Between your teeth is one of them. Using dental floss at least once daily will help to remove plaque and food particles to prevent gum disease and cavities. Often, the difficult part is remembering to floss -- so start a habit by leaving the box out somewhere you are sure to see it every night as a reminder to clean between teeth, too.

General and Preventative Dentistry Centerville, OH Patients Trust

Whether you are in need of a routine checkup and professional cleaning or you’d simply like to learn more about how our comprehensive array of preventative services can keep your family healthy, our team is here to help. Contact our office in Centerville, OH today to schedule your visit with Dr. Passidomo and caring, friendly staff. We can’t wait to see your smile and to help you keep it looking and feeling its best. Our cutting-edge dental practice happily welcomes patients from throughout the surrounding areas as well, including Springboro, Miamisburg, Kettering, and beyond.

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